Many marketers focus more on driving traffic than on converting it, then they end up complaining about poor ROI. So what are the best ways to convert website traffic into sales?

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Converting traffic into sales is extremely important! If you have traffic, but no sales, it is like beating your head against the wall. 2 ways to convert your website traffic into sales are leveraging your marketing funnel and make it obvious what you are selling.

"A marketing funnel is a fancy way of describing the customer’s journey from when they’re first aware of a business to when they’re ready to buy from a business." In order to leverage your marketing funnel, "you need to create appropriate content for each stage of the funnel." For example, "email marketing tools, including a landing page." 

Also,  make it very clear what you are selling. Create pages such as "either a ‘Shop,’ ‘Services,’ ‘About,’ ‘Work with Us,’ or ‘Hire Me’ page to showcase your products or services". Pages like these will ensure that people visiting your site know exactly make you are selling. 

These 2 tips WILL improve the amount of website traffic that converts to sales! 

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